Snorkeling at Koh Rang National Park :

Only 30 minutes by a speed boat from our resort to the popular snorkeling point, rich with corals in Trat Province. The overall trip will take about 3 hours when you can enjoy the undersea world – corals and anemone, home of big and small aquatic life in the Eastern Sea.

Kayaking :

Relax and kayak along the Khlong Yai Ki stream and enjoy the scenery of the estuary and Yai Ki Beach just across the stream or kayak further into the Khlong Yai Ki stream with clear water and beautiful mangrove forests on both sides of the canal, not too far from the resort. At the end of the canal, you can trek a bit further to see the origin of the canal, Khlong Yai Ki Waterfall – just a brief adventurous trip that will make you more acquainted with Koh Kood.


Traditional Thai massage :

We offer traditional Thai body massage for to relax physically and mentally. You have a choice of massage in a booth we’ve provided on the beach for you to enjoy the sea and sun or in your private villa.

A trip to Klong Chaow Waterfall :

You can take a boat trip along Klong Chaow with mangrove trees on both sides, and you will find a waterfall amid green forests, “Klong Chaow Waterfall,” where water flows down a 10-meter-tall cliff to a wide pond with clear water. In front of the waterfall, you can a large stone with an inscription of King Vajiravud who has bestowed the name of this waterfall, “Anumkok Waterfall,” in memory a Vietnamese king.

Fire-mace shows :

An exciting fire-mace show in which maces on fire are swung rhythmically by the resort staff, who has been practicing hard to present this exciting show to resort guests and make your evening on Koh Kood more fun.